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MPE is a software package for MPI (Message Passing Interface) programmers. The package provides users with a number of useful tools for their MPI programs. The latest version is called MPE2. Current available tools under MPE2 are the following:

  • A set of profiling libraries to collect information about the behavior of MPI programs. Linking the user MPI program with the libraries will generate logfile for postmortem visualization when the user program is executed.
  • Convenient compiler wrapper, mpecc and mpefc, are provided to compile/link with the related profiled libraries, e.g. "mpecc -mpilog" enables automatic MPI and user-defined MPE logging, "mpecc -mpicheck" enables collective and datatype checking of the user MPI program, and "mpecc -help" shows available options.
  • A SLOG-2 viewer, Jumpshot, for the various logfiles.
  • A set of CLOG-2 and SLOG-2 utilities programs.
  • An MPI collective and datatype checking library.
  • A shared-display parallel X graphics library.
  • A profiling wrapper generator for MPI interface.
  • Routines for sequentializing a section of code being executed in parallel.
  • Debugger setup routines.

Required Modules

Parallel (MPI)

  • intel
  • openmpi/1.10.2
  • mpe2

System Variables

  • HPC_MPE2_DIR - installation directory