Galaxy Custom Wrappers

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This note is a guide for people who have a tool or an R script that they would like to integrate into the UF RC Galaxy.

  • First of all, running a local copy of Galaxy on your machine will give you immediate feedback leading to the fastest development cycle. This assumes that you can get the tool you want to wrap working at the command line. If you are certain you would like to use the UFRC developmental copy of Galaxy please get in touch with us and we'll help you get going. The advantage of using the UF Galaxy instance is that all tools are available and the infrastructure is already in place. The drawback is that we'll have to do the initial loading of your wrapper into the Galaxy instance. You'll be able to reload your wrapper at will later on.
  • The Galaxy wiki has some pages and tutorials dealing with writing a wrapper that are good places to start. The useful wiki pages include

In addition, the existing tool wrappers located in the tools subdirectory provide a wealth of examples.

  • If you encounter a problem that's difficult to surmount please contact us.
  • Please add to this page if you encounter useful learning material on the web.