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Control-FREEC is a tool for detection of copy-number changes and allelic imbalances (including LOH) using deep-sequencing data originally developed by the Bioinformatics Laboratory of Institut Curie (Paris). Since 2016, the project has moved to Insitut Cochin, INSERM U1016 (Paris).

Control-FREEC automatically computes, normalizes, segments copy number and beta allele frequency (BAF) profiles, then calls copy number alterations and LOH. The control (matched normal) sample is optional for whole genome sequencing data but mandatory for whole exome or targeted sequencing data. For whole genome sequencing data analysis, the program can also use mappability data (files created by GEM).

Required Modules


  • gcc/5.2.0
  • freec

System Variables

  • HPC_FREEC_DIR - installation directory