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Exascale Maximum Likelihood (ExaML) code for phylogenetic inference using MPI.

This code implements the popular RAxML search algorithm for maximum likelihood based inference of phylogenetic trees. It uses a radically new MPI parallelization approach that yields improved parallel efficiency, in particular on partitioned multi-gene or whole-genome datasets.

It is up to 4 times faster than RAxML-Light [1].

As RAxML-Light, ExaML also implements checkpointing, SSE3, AVX vectorization and memory saving techniques.

[1] A. Stamatakis, A.J. Aberer, C. Goll, S.A. Smith, S.A. Berger, F. Izquierdo-Carrasco: "RAxML-Light: A Tool for computing TeraByte Phylogenies", Bioinformatics 2012; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts309.

Required Modules

Parallel (MPI)

  • gcc/4.7.2
  • openmpi/1.6.5
  • examl

To discover how to load ExaML versions other than the latest one please run

$ module spider examl

followed by

$ module spider examl/version

for each version you'd like to load.

System Variables


Additional Information

Note that at least for examl/3.0.14 we have two builds - the default build (examl/3.0.14 module) is built with NUM_BRANCHES set to the default value of 256. The examl/3.0.14-nb1 module makes available the NUM_BRANCES=1 build.


  • Validate 4/5/2018